The Yardarm is looking for Sponsors to help offset the costs associated with producing the newsletter and hosting the web site: www.yardarm.ca.  

All paid sponsors will have their business card or like-sized advertisement card (see sponsor link at www.yardarm.ca) displayed in both the Fall and Spring Editions of the Yardarm.  As well the advertisement will be posted on the yardarm website (www.yardarm.ca – Our Sponsors)) for an entire year.

Rates are as follows:

  • For a Business Card size advert – $50.00 for Branches/members, and $100.00 for other agencies/non-members.
  • For a Half-Page advert – $200
  • For a Full-Page advert – $400

Cheques and Business cards must be received by 15 March 2022 for inclusion in the Spring/Fall Yardarm editions and positing on the website.  Please make your payment payable to RCNA National and forward the payment along with a copy of the Business Card/Advert to the following address:

 M.P Cornect – 549 First Ave, Petrolia ON N0N 1R0

 All sponsor generated funding will go to National HQ.  These funds will be used to provide an expanded print capability—if required.

Thank You for your continued support.


Pat Cornect – Yardarm Editor